New blog about Stephen King


i am the webmaster of the Club Stephen King, a french website dedicated to the author. However, because my website is in french and i dont really write anything in english, and i have ideas of some articles about Stephen King, i thought that i would create a new blog!

So, here is « About Stephen King« 


About aboutstephenking

Webmaster of a website about Stephen King Also on twitter via @ClubStephenKing

2 responses to “New blog about Stephen King”

  1. Casse-bonbec says :

    Hello, being a French fan of Stephen King, and an English teacher, I’m really happy to discover your blog.
    Please, don’t forget to write the pronoun « i » and the nationality adjectives (French, American…) with a CAPITAL letter.

    Long live !

  2. Great Authors says :

    Stephen King is a master of Horror, first having taught high school. I find it interesting that he wants to write and publish most of a book, -minus the last 30 pages… it might irritate or even alienate some fans away from him though…

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