I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for a ‘newspaper’. I recently commented on an article about Stephen King, on the website of a major French newspaper. They contacted me to ask if I would be interested in writing an article about the author, something like “5 reasons to love Stephen King”.
I decided to do so, and therefore, here are : 5 REASONS TO READ & LOVE STEPHEN KING*.

Stephen King : a name, a brand that became a literary & a marketing phenomenon within a few years . The first novel of the author, Carrie, was released in 1974, a time when the development of travel and growing globalization allowed him to become a real success in only 3 books : Carrie, Salem’s Lot, Shining. These 3 books were quickly turned into movies/ mini-series, by popular directors (Brian de Palma, Tobe Hooper, Stanley Kubrick) and went global.
After selling over 350 million books worldwide (these days, the first print of an American edition Stephen King novel, is 1 million copies… usually selling out within 2 to 3 weeks) in about 40 years, Stephen King has created a reputation for himself as a horror writer: a reputation that will stick , especially since the early 90’s, when he claimed to be the literary equivalent of a Big Mac with fries.

How many of you have a negative opinion of Stephen King ?
Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t pay attention to this reputation, and therefore why you should read Stephen King :

Stephen King is a popular writer. Writing from a young age, he wrote his first short story, Happy Stamps, at the age of 6, and was sharing his work in the schoolyard. His first publication, I was a teenage grave robber, was released at 18, and the American author never stopped writing since then.
He wrote short story after short story, and several novels before the release of Carrie in 1974, a novel that was saved from the bin by Tabitha King, his wife. In 1986 he even had as many as 6 books simultaneously on the top10 of the best-sellers list.

In 2011, Stephen King’s bibliography includes more than 50 novels, over 160 short stories, and more than 400 non-fiction essays.

He is known for his horror, but actually mostly writes fantastic stories, and quite diversified :

  • Fantastic (let’s take Shining, Rose Madder, Lisey’s Story),
  • Horror (Pet Sematary, Black House),
  • Fantasy (The Talisman, the eyes of the dragon : a tale for kids),
  • Science fiction (Sandworld, The jaunt : short stories),
  • Crime (the fifth quarter : a short story, Dolores Claiborne),
  • Thriller (Misery),
  • Roman noir (under the penname of Richard Bachman),
  • a fantastic-feminist novel (Rose Madder),
  • And a fantastic-western saga (The Dark Tower)…

The author wrote about numerous themes through-out his career. However, his masterpiece is The Dark Tower, which he describes as being his « Jupiter, a planet that dwarfs all my other works « . This saga corresponds to 7 books (an 8th volume, is due in 2012) published over 22 years, but those 4,000 pages were actually written over 40 years. This is actually a real « tour de force », as this saga is also represented in numerous of his short stories or novels (eg: Insomnia, Black House).
In the same way, most of Stephen King’s work is connected to each-other : characters, towns & places are reccurent (Derry, Castle Rock…), the fate of the characters are crossing each others’ paths etc. Finally, among the fans favorite novels are the classics like; IT, The Stand & The Dome (even though those books are over 1,000 pages long).

The American author excels with long novels as well as short stories.

You probably have already seen one of the following movies : Stand by me, Misery, Apt Pupil or The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile...
Did you know that, originally, it was a story written by Stephen King? Although Stephen King’s universe is mostly known as horror and fantastic, he wrote numerous stories that are more intimate than scary.
Also, did you know that The Shawshank Redemption is considered as the best movie ever by the users of IMDB?
Beyond the movies mentionned above, Stephen King’s mark is all around in cinema & TV, thanks to the numerous adaptations of his work. Among those adaptations are the following elements :
– an enraged dog will commonly be called Cujo
Carrie’ s bloodbath scene is often spoofed
– Same thing with Jack Nicholson’s scene from Shining : “Here’ssss Johnny!”
– Are you now scared of clowns? (because of IT)

Those are exemples of scenes that marked people and american culture.

You appreciated adaptations of his work…

One of the fans’ favorite novels, is The Stand, which has already been adapted, as a mini-series of 6 hours. Another project is on, and The Stand could become a trilogy of movies, possibly shot by Ben Affleck.
Among the other projects (and they are numerous… including a lot of remakes) : Pet Sematary, as well as an adaptation of Bag of Bones which will be broadcasted on A&E the 11th & 12th of December.
Last but not least, an ambitious project for The Dark Tower (by Ron Howard & Brian Grazer) : the studios are a bit shy in front of such an ambitious project (and the required budget) : a trilogy of films, as well as 2 seasons of TV-series, in the aim of adapting the 7 novels.

I would recommend you to start reading the 4,000 pages before the adaptation comes out : it sure won’t be available in theaters tomorrow (and it’s better this way, because i want them to take their time and do a good job), but it would be a shame to miss such a reading.

The Dark Tower is often compared to The Lord of the Rings. Although the fan-base of Stephen King’s saga is by far smaller than Tolkien’s, if an adaptation comes out, who knows if it couldn’t become such a similar success?

Stephen King is, without any contestation, a successful writer, and he keeps innovating : in his stories, or in the means of releasing them.
This is proven between his experience as a movie director (the forgettable Maximum Overdrive) and the following project list:

  • The Green Mile, a novel divided in 6 installments, written & released over the same 6 months,
  • Riding the bullet, a short story originally published online…
  • …same for The Plant (the author was trusting his readers to send him a check for the story… he stopped it as people didn’t do their part of the job),
  • UR : A short story written exclusively for the Kindle (and about Amazon’s Kindle ),
  • The use of networking-sites to promote Under the Dome,
  • The animated mini-series N. (by Marvel),
  • A new ebook (Mile 81) promoted partially on Klout…

11/22/63 is Stephen King’s latest novel, released in the USA on the 8th of November. This one was also an innovation : taking the moto from Dead Zone (if you could go back in time, knowing what you know, and that you could stop Hitler, would you?), the writer presents a time-travel story, in the aim of saving J.F.K.
Stephen King does not hesitate to come out of his comfort zone, and had to research his history to recreate Oswald’s life before his shooting, as well as American life between 1958-1963. Therefore, it is a fiction story based on real events. Stephen King did a real « tour de force » in this fiction from another time.

Despite his “negative” reputation, Stephen King is recognized by his literary peers.

With over 60 books and more than 160 short stories published, Stephen King managed to leave a mark in the fantastic litterary world. He received numerous literary awards, mostly genre awards for his fiction : Bram Stoker awards, Locus awards, British Fantasy awards, Shirly Jackson awards…to quote only a few. [Complete list available at : http://clubstephenkinglille.forumactif.com/stephen-king-son-oeuvre-sa-vie-f1/recompenses-litteraires-de-king-t1133.htm ]
However, things changed about ten years ago. Stephen King started to receive awards, not for a single work, but for his whole career, and his contribution to literature.

Therefore, Stephen King bypassed his « negative » status and became a « complete » writer, whose work is now recognised by other writers and the literacy world. One must admit that this last decade, even after a serious car accident in 1999 which he barely recovered from, he continued to write fantastic stories, but those also became more intimate : Bag of Bones, Lisey’s story, Blaze, 11/22/63 are good exemples of this.

Dont stop yourself to the prejudges that some people can have towards Stephen King, the 3rd highest earning author of 2010, behind James Patterson & Danielle Steel.
Beyond the horror aspect of his stories, Stephen King wrote numerous stories in several themes. Moreoever, you probably already appreciated or have been touched by an adaptation of his work, and it is unquestionable that movies have contributed to his popularity.
Discover by yourself his world, there are enough stories & themes to suite everybody’s taste, and the richness of his work will allow you to spend a nice few hours, reading.

[*My original article was edited, and retitled : « 5 reasons to give allegiance to Stephen King » & published by L’express, on their website. Homepage of the newspaper, and « Culture » homepage.
Link : http://www.lexpress.fr/culture/livre/cinq-raisons-de-faire-allegeance-a-stephen-king_1053996.html ]


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  1. Wendy Usher says :

    Great item, but many people find spell-check to be a helpful tool. 🙂

  2. Morris says :

    I can understand you wrote this in French first, but it’s been really awkwardly translated into English. :/

  3. Maureen says :

    I have been a fan of his since the begining! I have every book he has ever written! My husband gets me Stephen Kings new one every xmas ( as he has slowed down in the past few years). Its another reason for me to look forward to christmas.

  4. Anna says :

    You make great points, but the ever-changing tenses and many misspellings make this a tough read. As a fellow King fan, I’d be happy to help you with editing your blog for English readers (just for fun, no charge). Drop me a line at maryanna.harris@yahoo.com. Best!

  5. Jordan says :

    Actually, Jack Nicholson came up with the ‘heres Johnny!’ line. It wasn’t King.

  6. Bridget says :

    There are still tons of mistakes in the article. Just saying.

  7. shavonna says :

    Stephen King was the reason my ex-husband started to read again;after not picking up a book in over ten years.
    All my sons is also a big fan. When can we expect another book?

  8. Linda Sue Slone says :

    I have loved his books since the first one and no movie can do them justice, although green mile came close.

  9. Matt, Dallas TX says :


    Great article and many fine points which I agree with. Don’t worry about the grammar. Anyone that takes a few moments to look around can see English isn’t your primary language.
    Long days and pleasant nights!

  10. joshthepirate says :

    I love Stephen King, but shouldn’t JK Rowling be up there in « authors making the most money » as well?

  11. gail says :

    You forgot the Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile. Two works situated in prison/jail. These two are fantastic to read.

  12. finalscream says :

    Stephen king is undoubtedly the ‘boogie man’. I wont say his works are all fiction. I dont feel that way. things talk to ‘him’. ‘things’ talk to all of ‘us’. he just had the time to listen to ‘them’. 🙂

  13. paula e. says :

    This gentleman has been my favorite author since I was 16, over 23 years ago. He has a way with words that captures me and holds me rapt. To the critics that complain he is long-winded in his charecter development, I maintain that is one of the reason I love him. No other persona has held my attention and devotion for as many years.

  14. Debbie Turner says :

    just finished reading 11/22/63 it was very good. if u havent read the doom another good one. im his biggest fan  » from misery » lol but im a big fan own all his books. keep up the good work

    your biggest fan debbie

  15. Derek Summers says :

    Why is everyone complaining about the mistakes instead of understanding what the author means? C’mon, people. Can you really not look past the translation into the soul of the article or do you get off on posting comments based on grammar and translation abilities? I loved it and i agree with every word. ‘Nuff said.

    • Anna says :

      My response was in reference to the author’s marketability. If someone is taking the time to write a second blog in a second language, it’s pretty obvious that he’s looking to build a fan base, not just share thoughts idly. It will be much easier to build a fan base of English speakers in the long run if the blog isn’t so difficult to read. It’s all about making the end product as digestible as possible to your target audience. Also, since this author’s Twitter page says that he’s writing a book on King in the future, I assumed he’d want to take out any impediments to getting the biggest audience possible, thereby ensuring pre-sales.

  16. Denise Killeen says :

    I read The Shining while I was pregnant ……….needless to say, my son’s name is Stephen!

  17. Jorge Lima says :

    Very cool. I’m a fan of Stephen King too. I like it. Congratulations.

  18. Kira says :

    Your article still needs editing, but aside from that, the message is, at least, clear. While I think you could have provided some more relevant work (The Green Mile is a significant piece of work that was excellently adapted to film, and was also released as 3 separate serial novels), your article was successful in imparting some good reasons why one should give his work a try.

  19. Laura H. Harris says :

    Thank you so much for your interesting article on Stephen King and his outstanding career. Mr. King is a talented author that has the ability to convey to the reader a diverse scope of different themes for his literary works! I have been enjoying his talents in writing since he started publishing his works. I will continue to read and enjoy him until I leave this earth! I applaud you for your essay and enjoyed it very much!

  20. angela says :

    I have « been with » Stephen King since I first picked up a paperback at the library titled Carrie. That was back in the ’70s. I have loved that man ever since. Who are these people who have negative feelings towards him as a writer? They can’t possibly have read his books. Obviously and thankfully their opinions don’t matter much or he wouldn’t be as successful as he is.

  21. Marisol Arnold says :

    The Dark Tower was the last book in a series and you need to read them all….it was based off of a poem about the Child Roland….five books in all over twenty years in the Gunslinger series….and they eventually tie most all of his books together….definitely an awesome read……

  22. Doug says :

    Stephen King is my all time favorite author. I started reading his books in the 80’s and have every book he ever wrote, right up to the last book of The Dark Tower series. Since he choked on delivering a suitable ending to what had been an epic work I haven’t been able to bring myself the buy any book he has written since. He remains my favorite author but lost me as a faithful reader.
    I do miss his stories though.

  23. MegansBeadedDesigns says :

    by far my favorite author EVER. I have never read another author as consistently engaging as King.

  24. Marisol Arnold says :

    Sorry make that a series of six….I think what is so interesting is his relationships with Eddie , Jake and Suzannah….and the Journey they took. As you can imagine my second favorite is the Talisman and Black House….I am going to have to call my daughter and have her send me my books….and settle in for a few days.

  25. Joanna says :

    Absolutely my favourite author. Not for the horror or even fantasy aspects but just because he’s the best damn storyteller I’ve ever read. He makes it come alive. Thanks for the article.

  26. aboutstephenking says :

    @Joe : Actually, no, not everybody knows that… especially people that aren’t english or americans. However, you’ll have to admit that « here’s joooohnyyyy » became extremely popular after this movie.. and this, worldwide. That was my point.

    @joshthepirate : JK Rowling is not in the top 10 of 2010, according to Forbes.

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