11/22/63 is the opposite of THE DEAD ZONE

11/22/63 is the opposite of THE DEAD ZONE

Recently, i was watching the british show MISFITS, and an episod had a time-travel story to kill Hitler. It made me think of THE DEAD ZONE… and i realised how 11/22/63 is not only using the same idea, but is the exact opposite of THE DEAD ZONE :

THE DEAD ZONE : “If you could go back in time to Germany, before Hitler came to power, knowing what you know now, would you kill him? ” (KILL Hitler)
11/22/63 : « The day Kennedy was shot… the day that changed the world… what if you could change it? » (SAVE Kennedy)

THE DEAD ZONE : visions of the future
11/22/63 : time-travel (in the past).

SPOILERS (Highlight the following lines to read them…
THE DEAD ZONE : Greg Stillson is not killed, but his future is compromised. Johnny Smith dies.
11/22/63 : JFK is saved. Jake is alive… Sadie dies..

Stephen King said that he tried to write 11/22/63 decades ago, after the shooting, but it was still too fresh in America’s memory.
I wonder if, as he couldnt write 11/22/63, Stephen King recycled this idea with THE DEAD ZONE that he started to write in 1976 (and was published in 1979)?


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One response to “11/22/63 is the opposite of THE DEAD ZONE”

  1. Casse-bonbec says :

    That’s very interesting. I’ll read your review of the book after my working day is over. I’m impatient to read the novel!

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