BAG OF BONES – the miniseries (my review)

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BAG OF BONES, Mick Garris’ miniserie will be broadcasted tomorrow (sunday the 11th) & monday (the 12th of december).
Just before Christmas, a good way to start the upcoming holidays!

I was able to see BAG OF BONES a week earlier. The main role is held by Pierce Brosnan (the former James Bond), and he is is almost every single scene. The director therefore had to find the perfect actor for Mike Noonan, and Pierce Brosnan did a good job.

The version that i have seen is not exactly the finale version*, it was a bit like a workprint version, and it could be noticed in the video that was a bit blur and slow.

However, this did not ruin the pleasure i had to watch this adaptation of a novel that is deeply appreciated by King’s readers.
I did read the novel BAG OF BONES when it became available as a paperback edition in France, in 2000. Although i must admit that i dont remember the whole novel perfectly, i believe that the mini-serie is quite loyal to Stephen King’s novel, but some elements have been shortened or taken off in order to fit with the duration which is of 2h40.

I wouldn’t say that BAG OF BONES (the TV version) scared the hell out of me, but i definitely enjoyed watching it. As Mick Garris says in his introduction to the DARK SCORE STORIES book BAG OF BONES is a love-story, but an haunted one… that will take place in a small town. I don’t think that i need to tell you more about the story, as you know the synopsis.

But i will tell you this : the sceneries are really nice (the woodhouse is located on the side of a lake, in Nova Scotia, Canada… where is also shot HAVEN)… the scenes that are taking place in 1939 are really enjoyable, so is Sara Tidwell’s voice), the SFx are successfully done, the casting plays well (and it’s also the case of Caitlin Camichael which is only 7yo).. and it’s based on Stephen King.

What else could we ask? References to Stephen King? The Dark Score Stories website have plenty of them, and the mini-series have a few as well (just to mention couple of them : « Bachman », « I am your number one fan », « Cujo »…)

The whole adaptation is good, and i am certain that the King fans that will be watching this 2 nights-event (2h40) will enjoy it too.

PS : It will definitely not stop me from getting the final version and watch it too!
PS2 : I would like to congratulate the A&E team for their promotional material. They created a developped system that was using numerous promotional means :  an officiel promo websitea complementary promotional website (DARK SCORE STORIES – a « prequel »), as well as a book version of DARK SCORE STORIESthe coolest press kit that i have ever seen ever, as a phonograph, and Sara Tidwell’s songs that are available both on iTunes &  the BAG OF BONES website. And i didnt even mention the teasers, making-of that were shared on Facebook. A developped promotional system!

A few pictures :

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